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Community and Forest Recovery

FOR THOSE IMPACTED BY THE BUTTE FIRE: Certified Weed-free Rice straw is available now, free of charge for your immediate use on erosion control in Mokelumne Hill at the Equestrian Center on Lafayette St. and in Mountain Ranch at Central Fire Station #1 on Jesus Maria Rd.  Please take what you can use now and leave the rest for our neighbors. For instruction on its use click here.

If you would like help with erosion control on your land or have questions please call or email us: — (209)498-8081 Click here for Volunteer Information

                                        Donors to CalaverasGROWN Community & Forest Recovery This program provides hope for our community by controlling erosion.  In controlling erosion we are also brightening the environment at our community members’ homesites, protecting downstream water quality, allowing more water to percolate into our aquifers, tending the forest for the most rapid regeneration possible as well as protecting private roadways and other infrastructure.  Thank you for donating….you have made this program possible. They consist of individuals, community organizations, businesses, foundations and government entities.

DONATE to Help our County Get Back on Its FeetDarci Harris Water

CalaverasGROWN is working to help our community members and forest in the wake of the Butte Fire. With over ten percent of the total surface area of our county burned we are on the ground helping those affected by the burn get back on their feet with their homes, gardens and farms. Many of the houses, farms, gardens, ranches, orchards and vineyards that supplied quality food and fiber products to our community, homes for our community and jobs for our residents have been damaged or destroyed. CalaverasGROWN uses donations to provide hope by helping our community and forest recover.

Your donation will provide hope for our community, keep our water cleaner and work towards the most rapid regeneration of our forest possible.

Why donate to CalaverasGROWN at this crucial time?

  • We are an established non-profit organization in Calaveras County with a 15-year history.
  • Our Board of Directors and Members are Calaveras County residents who know what our community needs.
  • CalaverasGROWN will use donations immediately to help Calaveras County residents with their most pressing water and livelihood needs.
  • We will maximize the mileage of your donation by using volunteer labor.
  • CalaverasGROWN is an established 501 c.5, but this designation does not allow you to deduct donations for tax purposes.  If you want to help and need your donation to be 100% tax deductible, please make your check out to our sister 501 c.3 organization, Blue Mountain Coalition for Youth and Families (BMCYF) and put “Community and Forest Recovery” in the memo.  100% of this donation will also go directly to CalaverasGROWN to assist in Community and Forest Recovery efforts.  Send check or money order to CalaverasGROWN, POB 2101, San Andreas CA 95249
  • If you would like to make a cash donation please contact us at (209)498-8081 or so we can arrange to receive your generosity in our community’s time of great need.

What is CalaverasGROWN doing to help now?

CalaverasGROWN Community and Forest Recovery Program has delivered over 20 truckloads of Certified Weed Free Rice Straw to Mokelumne Hill and in Mountain Ranch. We will continue to make this straw available for erosion control as long as the donations keep coming in.  This straw is for you, local landowners to use for erosion control. It is provided free of charge, but take only what you can use now and leave the rest for others. If you have the ability to contribute please do so at so we can keep this straw coming.  For instructions on how to use this straw, click here.

CalaverasGROWN is utilizing volunteer labor to help those affected by the Butte Fire get back to the land.

We are organizing volunteer work parties to protect water quality and private infrastructure from the ravages of erosion while bringing hope to our community members.  We have already put over 2000 hours of volunteer time on the ground at this work parties and will continue!

We are recovering water wells use the skills and technical expertise of our members in a volunteer capacity and materials purchased with your donations.

Water Well Recovery

We are providing technical advice on erosion control.

Unloading Rice StrawWe are bringing in truckloads of rice straw for community members to use free of charge to get erosion under control on their land.

We have set up a swap page on facebook in order to organize needs and gives for those in need. Please visit it by clicking here.CalaverasGROWN Straw


CalaverasGROWN is transparent, accountable and local.

 Calaveras County and CalaverasGROWN

Calaveras County is tucked away in the foothills between Yosemite and Lake Tahoe and offers a variety of locally grown agricultural products available to the community and visitors. Our wide selection of products and services creates a diverse market and experience. You will find farm & ranch stays, fresh fruits and vegetables, wine, olive oil, honey and livestock products including eggs, poultry, goats, lamb, beef and textiles.

You will find farm & ranch stays, fresh fruits and vegetables, wine, olive oil, honey and livestock products including eggs, poultry, goats, lamb, beef and textiles.

CalaverasGROWN’s mission is to protect and enhance the quality of rural life in Calaveras County.

Sound like something you want to be a part of?  Why not join today by using the Paypal link on the right or learning more by clicking here.


Our Newest Members:

 Supporting Members
Cara Moore, Penny West, Elissa Creighton, Karen Kua


Calaveras Fresh Market in February 2016 Features:

EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL and RELATED PRODUCTS–Winner of a Gold Metal at the New York International Olive Oil Competition and won a Gold Metal certificate from the California Olive Oil Council blind tasting in Monterey
from Winter Creek Olives (209) 772-2738

All Natural, Super PRIME WAGYU BEEF – Nakagawa Ranches’ 4th annual American Wagyu Beef Sale is on!  Quantity is limited.  You can submit your order online ( or by phone (209)754-5550

WE are closed for the season.  Market opens first Tuesday in June.  Wine tasting and candles by appt.  Call 209-754-1010 Metzger Farms (209) 754-1010

three remaining Livestock Guardians left  $600.00  Anatolian/Kangal
Galaxy Farm (209) 754-1021

Suri alpacas, skirted fiber and handmade items available for purchase.
Moonlight Alpacas  209-786-5060

 HONEY–Local Pure Honey  Kriletich Family Farms (209) 772-1604

GRASS-FED BEEF Orvis Cattle Company.  Call for details (209) 559-2122 and if you are looking to purchase a smaller amount of our beef, you can purchase Orvis Ranch Grass-fed Beef at Sierra Hills Market in Murphys and Angels Food Market in Angels Camp.

Want to experience a morning on the ranch?  Spend a morning at the ranch learning how to milk goats and process the milk.  We will conclude the morning with making a ricotta cheese using the goats milk.  Call for pricing and available dates.  GOATS FOR SALE, Boer crossed wethers.  Great for keeping the vegetation down around your property.  We also sell raw goat milk, fresh or frozen. Goat milk is considered to be a universal replacement milk for all types of animals.  Also great for making soaps or lotions.  The government prohibits the sale of raw milk for human consumption. McCormick Livestock (209) 366-3922.

We appreciate the support of our Sustaining Level Sponsors


                        Michael Ray                     Alan & Linda Rogers



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