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A.O. Ranch
A.O. Ranch

We are located at Redhill Rd and Hwy 49, 3 miles south of Angels Camp, We work 2 Farmers markets in Angels Camp and Sonora . We grow most of the foothill veggies including basil, 3 kinds of squash, tomatoes, peppers, lemon cukes, 2 kinds of chard, fava beans, onions and garlic, self serve. Open May-Dec

7866 Redhill Road
Angels Camp
Candy Myers & Linn Pillsbury
Blue Feather Farm

coming soon....

(209) 559-5195
Gelding Road
Angels Camp
Diane & Larry Cornish
Delatreca Ranch
2495 Wild Oak Road
Galaxy Farm
Michael & Billie Hammer
Galaxy Farm

Open: 24/7, call for appointment.
We raise Dorper Sheep. We have ewes for breeding stock and wethers for market. With Dorpers you can taste the difference. We also have Miniature Horse. We have available Livestock Guarding Dogs & working Border Collies.
Harvest: Spring thru winter, horses all year round.

1846 Leonard Court
San Andreas
Robert C. Garamendi
Garamendi /McSorley Ranch

Beef Cattle

5585 Hwy. 49
Mokelumne Hill
Curt & Shawn Kuntz
Golden Oaks Farm

We have a small 10 acre farm located between Jenny Lind and Burson with beautiful Oak trees that radiate a golden glow as the sun is setting in the evenings. We offer farm fresh eggs, seasonal vegetables and show chickens. Occasionally we have litters of Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian Dogs.

7857 A Dusty Trail
Valley Springs
Gerald Waagen & Wendy Kubow
Hytterrud Farm

5 10-week old American Guinea Hog piglets, 2 gilts and 3 barrows, for $75 each.  Also we're selling our 2-year old boar for $250.

(209) 747-3696
1510 Quail Oaks Road
POB 953
Valley Springs
Jim and Karen Hagen
J bar K Ranch

J -K Ranch and Defining HorseManShip
Equestrian, Ag Home Stay, Calaveras Beef & Lamb, Trail Rides, Board and Train Horses

7066 Pool Station Road
San Andreas
John’s Natural Products
John Fitzpatrick
John’s Natural Products

Open: All year – call for appointment
Grass fed beef raised in peaceful Calaveras pastures – naturally. Quarter, half or whole locker beef.  Harvest:Spring through late summer
John’s Natural Products provides local consumers with high quality grass fed beef raised on our second-generation family owned and operated ranch in the Gold Country of Northern California. Our cattle graze on well tended pastures scattered with native oak trees and are never confined to crowded and unsanitary feed yards. They live peaceful and natural lives. We tend them with humane, low stress methods to insure that their health and nutrition are the best. Customers praise our beef with comments like “loved the meat” and “the best I’ve ever had.” Our beef eat only grass with occasional small amounts of hay. They are not fed grain, antibiotics, hormones or other growth stimulants. When you taste our delicious, tender, and juicy USDA inspected beef, you can be assured that you and your family are receiving the best nutrition and healthiest food available.

5455 Log Cabin Drive
Kriletich Family Farms
Diane Kriletich
Kriletich Family Farms

[caption id="attachment_1736" align="alignleft" width="150"] Tomato Plants[/caption]

Products:  LOCAL HONEY: Our honeybees are managed using natural practices – no pesticides and herbicides. The honey is extracted without heat and filtered through a screen providing the maximum nutritional value. Our vegetables and fruits are produced using only local resources without the use of petroleum bases fertilizers or pesticides. We seek to provide you with the locally produced food, while we help empower you to grow some of your own.

We also offer Cottage Food Products (permit #FA:0001120) Jams made from the fruit from our very own fruit trees.  And for the sweet tooth---gingersnap cookies and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies