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Beaudoins Olive Products Co.
Terry Beaudoin

A great fermentation of last year Olives.  I offer Traditional Sicilian and Spicy Sicilian Olives (pitted) for sale.  Small jars are $5 and 1/2 gallon jars are $20 for the Traditional Sicilian and $22 for the Spicy Pitted.  They are packed with Garlic, 2 types of peppers and spices.  Now available in Grocery Stores, Winery's and Gift shops around the county!

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Valley Springs
Frances Barnsely
Frans Farm Olive Grower
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Mangini Ranch
Kris Mangini
Mangini Ranch

Milling, Olive Oil and related products

5420 Highway 12
D. Christine Moulton
Olive Crush Farms

Products:  Arbequina olive oil, fresh eggs, vegetables and fruit in season

Harvest:  Olives:  October/November 8 am - 5 pm, Monday - Friday

4119 Torneo Way
Valley Springs
Mary Louise Schuster
Rancho Marisol

I grow olives and make olive oil.  I sell directly in bulk to my store distributor.  I also grow ethnic fruits.  You can find my olive oil at my store in Murphys--Marisol Tasting Bar and also at other locations.

Harvest Dates:  olives=Oct/Nov        fruit=summer

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4420 Hunt Road
Rocca Bella Olives
Ken, LeAnn, & Kenny Evoniuks
Rocca Bella Olives

The Rocca Bella Olive Orchard is located in Wallace, CA, near the Lake Camanche Reservoir in Calaveras County.  The orchard, planted in 1888, was commercially managed by Louis Sammis from the 1920s until 1970.  In 1971, Louis passed away at age 90 and the orchard began a long rest period.    In 2009 a local family, the Evoniuk’s worked with the Sammis heirs to revitalize the 50 acre Rocca Bella Orchard and give the old trees some extra TLC.  Our local team provides each olive tree the right amount of pruning and care.  We only give our trees organically approved nutrients.

Today, the orchard is vibrant and the Mission, Manzanillo and Sevillano olives are delivering exceptionally rich flavors.  Our olives are hand harvested and crushed locally for the highest quality EVOO possible.

Better Floor Systems
POB 535, 5476 Hwy 12
Paul Onitsuka
Three Ponds Olive Oil

Growing Tuscan olives since 2004

James R. and Mary Anne Melson
Winter Creek Olives

Olive Oil   Harvest:  December

4345 Toreno Way
Valley Springs